I legitimately love this woman


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Je suis assez, en étant.

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i’m tired of Doctor Who companions being conventionally-attractive young women

i really want to see him drag around a butt-ugly dude for a while

just like pick up steve buscemi for a season

Adventure Time 30 Day Challenge Day 17


Day 17 - Character you would date if you could

*smirk* Do I even need to say who?




Yeah I would totally date Marshall Lee I mean come on its the male version of Marceline what’s not awesome about that? :D Not to mention very nice to look at too ;)

Totally not one of the dumbest posts I ever made…

I think I might enjoy wasting my time on this


30 Day Adventure Time Challenge

Day 01 - Favorite character

Day 02 - Favorite episode

Day 03 - Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

Day 04 - Favorite genderbend character

Day 05 - Least favorite character

Day 06 - Least favorite episode

Day 07 - Favorite villain

Day 08 - Why you like Adventure Time

Day 09 - How you got into Adventure Time

Day 10 - Your opinion on the genderbend universe

Day 11 - Favorite pairing

Day 12 - Least favorite pairing

Day 13 - You thoughts about the Mushroom War

Day 14 - Have you ever cosplayed Adventure Time?

Day 15 - Least favorite villain

Day 16 - If you could change one thing about your favorite character, it would be…

Day 17 - Character you would date if you could

Day 19 - Creepiest character

Day 20 - Weirdest episode

Day 21 - Favorite moment 

Day 22 - A piece of Adventure Time fanart that you like 

Day 23 - Favorite quote

Day 24 - Something you’d like to see in future episodes

Day 25 - Another pairings you like

Day 26 - Character you wouldn’t mind being for a day

Day 27 - Favorite song

Day 28 - Favorite thing about the land of Ooo

Day 29 - Do you think Finn is really the last human out there?

Day 30 - Character that is most like you

To Colton Haynes:


So… I don’t think you can have boobs AND be a hipster.

tumblr was made for porn ♥

so was the internet

Why Google, why? Why do you insist on taking me to the darkest corners of the internet?

All I can say is…


Holy fuck I suck at blogging.

Sorry folks.

Good news is…


I plan on redeeming myself.

So… I have recently observed striking commonalities in the men I find attractive. Guess this is my type.

  • Beautiful facial structure
  • Long dark hair 
  • Tatoos
  • Devil may care attitude

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Reblog if you think the next disney prince should be GAY.



5 million and counting

Seriously?? 5 million already???

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I have been SO boring on tumblr lately, that it’s a miracle that none of my followers have died from boredom yet.

We’re repainting the house next week. I’m painting my walls black. That way, I can be constantly reminded of the Rolling Stones and Daria. :)

We’re repainting the house next week. I’m painting my walls black. That way, I can be constantly reminded of the Rolling Stones and Daria. :)